May 31, 2012

Taoist Temple, Cebu City Philippines

My family loves to tour around Cebu because there are still hundreds of beautiful places in the province where we do not visit yet. Long before we are living near the Temple but we seldom went there. Now it is the time to share with you guys and have some online tour within the Taoist Temple.  I will do all my best to make your visit here in my blog site memorable as we did in the Temple. I hope you will enjoy the tour.

May 29, 2012

My Yamaha MIO Sporty Buddy

Long before I started working here in the Philippines, Yamaha MIO Sporty was my buddy. But before I bought my first scooter I made a short feasibility study about my daily fare going for work. It concluded me that I can save more than 50% of my daily fare going for work if I am going to buy a scooter and that was the reason why my MIO Sporty came into my life. My scooter is now 3 years and 5 months since I bought it. Still it is well conditioned and well taking care of.

May 26, 2012

Engineer At Work....Sunday Work Mood

"Me At Saudi Arabia"
Sometime I ask myself if it is worth it to spend my Sunday at work.

I was working the entire week but still I’m stuck in my office and doing the extra work. My boss asked me to work on Sunday because I will be monitoring the entire clean room plant because the facilities will be having there scheduled maintenance. Though my body is very tired and exhausted yet I have no choice but to do my job as a manufacturing engineer. I love my job but sometimes things are out of place. My family suffers from the consequences psychologically. Instead of taking care of my family, I’m here in my office taking care of machines and other stuffs in the company.

Waking up 4:30am Sunday morning preparing to go for work is really hard leaving your family again and come late. They don’t exactly feel comfortable in my recent schedule because we usually go out and enjoy the rest of the hours of the day going to the nearby shore and ate together at a simple restaurant.

Back to my office mood….

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