May 26, 2012

Engineer At Work....Sunday Work Mood

"Me At Saudi Arabia"
Sometime I ask myself if it is worth it to spend my Sunday at work.

I was working the entire week but still I’m stuck in my office and doing the extra work. My boss asked me to work on Sunday because I will be monitoring the entire clean room plant because the facilities will be having there scheduled maintenance. Though my body is very tired and exhausted yet I have no choice but to do my job as a manufacturing engineer. I love my job but sometimes things are out of place. My family suffers from the consequences psychologically. Instead of taking care of my family, I’m here in my office taking care of machines and other stuffs in the company.

Waking up 4:30am Sunday morning preparing to go for work is really hard leaving your family again and come late. They don’t exactly feel comfortable in my recent schedule because we usually go out and enjoy the rest of the hours of the day going to the nearby shore and ate together at a simple restaurant.

Back to my office mood….

At around 10am May 27, 2012 the entire plant was out of power because the facilities started there maintenance job. I’ve just finished checking the entire equipment and turned off all powers. At this time I can relax for an hour. I only have one personnel today who can assist me because some of the technicians took there day off.

Taking my lunch….

 11:11am I took my lunch together with my colleagues. I brought my lunch today because we do not have canteen service today due to few head counts working.

After my lunch, the power went back and I went back inside the clean room to turn on all the power of the equipments.

I checked first all the stations and equipment before turning the power on. I realized that there was one machine was leaking. Water leaks! I traced the water leaks and found out that one pump was busted and stop from operating. Huh!...

Additional work…

Fixing water pump is really kind of big work, a very tired job. I have no choice because I’m on duty.  To make the story short, I fixed the pump and put it to work again. But ¼ of our plant was flooding. I called up the cleaning service department and let them do there sucking job (remove all the leaked water).

No more flood in our clean room. Thanks!

Now it’s time to turn on the power of all the equipment. I have to turn 9 stations (36 major equipments not included the pumps E-test and so on..). It means a lot of work to do, stress and back pains after work as always expected.

I will just cut it here. The entire engineering job is done and it’s time to do the reports, documentations and so on.

And that’s my entire Sunday experience. I was really felt guilty to my wife and son. I hope I can make it next time, to be together with them and relax during Sunday.

Now it's time for a massage…ease the back pains and stresses in my body.

I hope you enjoy reading.

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