May 29, 2012

My Yamaha MIO Sporty Buddy

Long before I started working here in the Philippines, Yamaha MIO Sporty was my buddy. But before I bought my first scooter I made a short feasibility study about my daily fare going for work. It concluded me that I can save more than 50% of my daily fare going for work if I am going to buy a scooter and that was the reason why my MIO Sporty came into my life. My scooter is now 3 years and 5 months since I bought it. Still it is well conditioned and well taking care of.

My Yamaha MIO Sporty Specification:
Engine Type:                                   Air-cooled 4 Stroke SOHC 2-Valve
Displacement:                                 113.7 cc
Compression:                                 8.8 : 1
Bore & Stroke:                                50.0 x 57.9 mm
Ignition Power System:                DC-CDI
Clutch System:                               DC-CDI
Starter:                                              Electric & Kick starter
Fuel Tank Capacity:                      3.7 liters
Transmission:                                 V-Belt Automatic
Dimension:                                     1820 x 675 x 1050 mm
Min Ground Clearance:                130 mm
Wheel Base:                                    1, 240 mm
Dry Weight:                                      87 kg
Front Break:                                    Hydraulic Single Disc
Rear Break:                                      Drum Brake
Front Pressure:                              200 kPa (2 kgf/cm2)
Rear Pressure:                                225 kPa (2.25 kgf/cm2)
Spark Plug Type (NGK):               CR7 HAS
Spark Plug Type (Denso):           U22 FSR-U
Wheel Type:                                    Mag Wheels

Some advantages of Yamaha MIO Sporty:
a.    Hustle free

I feel comfortable in going home especially when I was very stressful and tired from work. It allows my feet to rest while driving. I do not need to move my feet and ankle just to change gear. At least some parts of my body are relaxed and I only need to focus on the road. I don’t need to think any more of my feet in changing gears.

b.    Spacious

Most especially during grocery time I can place my grocery items in front of me and it can accommodate a lot of grocery bags. I feel like I’m having my own car.

In times of relaxation like going to the beach, my family and I can bring foods and other stuffs going to the beach and enjoy our day without a hustle.

c.    Less fuel consumption

If we are going to make a ratio between our body and the fuel, MIO Sporty is my choice. Why? Our body need more relaxation therefore Mio answers that part. When It comes to fuel consumption, Mio still the best compare to the other motorcycle because it consumed a little more. The stress and the hustle cannot be paid buy any currency.

It is like a small car with a little fuel consumption. Why like a small car? Because it can carry more like a car can do.

d.    Light weight

You can feel that you are not exerting so much force in driving MIO Sporty because of its lightness. Not just like the other motorcycles it weights a lot. We can maneuver it very lightly to whatever occasion or situation.

e.    Very safe

In times of difficult situations like accidents and other road situations, MIO Sporty can maneuver at the right time and the right choice. What do I mean by this? It has a very accurate maneuvering almost zero clearance. It can response immediately to wherever direction we desire in times of accident.

I experienced this almost accident moment in my life. It happened that in front of me was a big truck and it suddenly stopped, to my response I maneuver my MIO to the right in order to escape from the possible accident. Because of its zero tolerance the MIO response immediately and it saved me.

All of my outside activities, Yamaha MIO Sporty always at my side. On my opinion it is the most comfortable transportation that anybody can have.


  1. sige na nga , decided na ko sa mio sporty =)

  2. ano po mas ok Mio MX i 125 or Mio Sporty. may nkapag sabi kasi sakin na malakas daw sa gas ang Sporty.

    thank you

  3. mx 125 or mio sporty? mas malakas daw sa gas consumption ang sporty while ang 125 mahirap maghanap ng mga parts


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