May 09, 2013

Oslob Cebu (Magic Beach Resort) Leader Bonding

It was our Leader, Atty Al's B-day when we went to Oslob. The place was so nice and really the best place for relaxation after a tons of work load and MLM "Hatawan". 

 This is the front view of the rooms. It is so simple and the rate is so cheap because it was the time that the placed was reopen for business. You can not expect a luxury rooms because they made a slow process in fixing things. But The place is so peaceful and beautiful.

Now I will  be your guide for a short Tour....Get ready!.

 "The Bridge"

This is the bridge going to the rooms. As I have said, it is very simple and unique. The trees that surrounds the place will remind you of the movie "Tarzan". Why? It is because there are many different   trees that you will enjoy watching.

"Path going to the Multipurpose Area"

Now you will start to enjoy watching the view. If you want to escape from the very noisy city, then this might be the best for you. 

oooppss..Let's talk the Multipurpose Area r Hall.

Their Multipurpose Hall is design for a large crowd. It is like an open function hall. The place had a karaoke for you to sing if you want to and the best place also for a team building or any physical activities.

"The Beach and The Plants"

The water is so clear and tempting though the shore is rocky. Yet, you can swim with might! Yes!It surrounds with plants that made the place so lovely.


I describe this area "Virgin" because of the nature that caught my eyes. I love nature and it perfectly amazed me. You can smell the cool breeze coming from the sea and you can hear the whisper of the trees.

"The green bangka and the nature"

The caretaker has his own small boat or "bangka" for you to row and enjoy the nature. "Its free to ride!"

"The Green Bangka"

Now you have an idea how cute the "Bangka" is? I think it is good for 3 or 4 persons.

"The Leaders"

This is the Multipurpose Hall the one I've said. It think the place is not yet totally finish. It is made of coconut woods and galvanize roof and cement flooring.

By the way those persons were the leaders. The Attorney, the Teacher and the Engineer. We've been discussing some future plans and techniques about the business.

I almost forgot...The guy at the right wearing black t-shirt is the B-day boy, Atty Al. Hehehe..

"The Queen of the Trees"

The picture was taken from the room. It is the terrace of one of the room. Now you can see the beautiful view when you go out from the room.

"The Moon"

We don't feel sleepy yet and that is why we go outside for a long group chat. We all appreciated the lovely moon that listen to our talks.

"The Kitchen"

This was the place where we cook our foods.

"The B-day Boy's Father"

I don't know what he was thinking but I'm sure he felt so blessed.

I wanted to share more about this lovely place but time consumed me. I will post some updates about this place again in the near future and some other beautiful places.

I hope you enjoy the pictures though these were few.

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  1. Oslob was really a nice place..I'm planning to go back there soon...I've been their yet I was not able to go for a whale watching...


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