January 16, 2013

Daddy please don’t go to work...

Good day to you all!

By the way I will tell you a little about myself.

I am father of a sweet, joyful 5 years old son. I work as an Equipment Engineer of a big American company in Cebu City, Philippines. I work 8 hours a day and recently work overtime for several months now. I have a big responsibility in my department and I don’t have somebody to cover my work by the time I will be having my day off or leave. Meaning, I spent so much time in my job rather than with my family.

I have a 5 years old son and he is so jolly and sweet. He always told me about anything whom he don’t understand. By the time I’m home we really bond each other and played until late in the evening even though I am so tired from work. My son loves sports car (toys and real one on TV and on the streets) most especially the yellow one. “Cars” the movies is his favorite movie and he even watches it everyday many times. That is why he has a lot of different toy cars.

We really enjoyed our bonding every night and here comes this sleeping time…..

Before we go to sleep we had a short chat of what had happened of his entire day activity by telling me most of the interesting event. He hugs me while he is narrating his story on my ear. I really enjoy his stories. After he finished his stories, we say our short prayer before going to sleep.

“Recently, he probably realized that I seldom went home early and we only have a little time for each other...”

One time after we prayed our night prayer my son told me this... “Daddy please don’t go to work tomorrow. I want you to watch movie on the computer with me.”

After I heard his request, I made up my mind not to go to work the next day.

I answered my son that I will be taking my off tomorrow. I hold my tears from falling down when I saw the sweet smile on my son’s face and embraced him. I knew he was so happy because I am with him the entire day tomorrow.

Morning came; I woke up early as usual. My son woke up early also and asked me if I am going to work. I told him  ...”no son, I will just call my boss that I can not go to work today”. He jumped at me and hugs me.

From then on I seldom render overtime from my work and I spent quality time with my family during my day off. I gave much importance to my family than to my work. I hope very soon enough I can manage to stay at home with my family yet having the same or more income from what I have as an Engineer.

Thank you for spending a portion of your precious time reading my short story.

God bless and God be the glory!

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