May 13, 2013

My First Experience Voting Using PCOS (Precinct Count Optical Scanner) Machine - May 13, 2013

Compostela Cebu where I cast my vote for the Philippine General Election 2013. I was so excited and felt so thrilled what will happened despite of some humors and news that their were some disadvantages using PCOS.

I got at my precinct at around 10:30am and I was shocked knowing that their were so many people complaining. So I went to the line where my precinct number was. I found out that the PCOS machine at my precinct was just repaired and almost 2 hours delayed. Still I don’t bother to complain and just sited waiting for my turn to vote…I came to realized that the line was not moving. But still I thought that people were not used to in using the new machine. Almost an hour and half still the line was not moving. I found out that the voting was so slow. I decide to take my lunch first because I knew that my time for voting will be in the late afternoon.

I took my lunch the….

It was 12:30pm when I came back.

It was so hot that day and almost all people were uncomfortable. I saw some were fainted from the high temperature and sweats were dropping. A lot of mothers brought their child with them. I can hear some children crying perhaps from the humid temperature. But one thing I observed yesterday’s activity and that was their willingness to vote. Probably a change of their status (Financially).

I did not realize that I was still standing in front of my precinct but away from our line. So, I went to the line. Huh! I was over 200 persons away to vote. I asked myself if I was going to survive.

From the line, I slowly felt dizzy, headache, and got sweat over my body. It was really so hot! “I must conquer the entire obstacle if I am going to experience voting using PCOS machine.” I said to myself.

Let’s cut the story short….

We move from one room to another room for almost 5 hours. Finally it was my time to vote. I got really excited and even finished filling the ballot for just 5 minutes.

At last! I exclaimed.

My heart stated to pound when I was about to approached the PCOS Machine. Then I feed my ballot into the machine and waited for a few seconds to see if the word “Congratulations” appear on the screen. Yes it was! Now I’m done.

For over 5 hours of struggle falling inline yet it was fulfilling because I was able to express my right to vote.

I pray that whoever will be the elected candidates, they will do their job with "Fear of the Lord".

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