October 08, 2013

My New Set Of Reachable Goal

It has been months now since I felt bored in my life, more particularly the routine of my daily activities. I felt that something is holding me from doing something big..I don't know what was it.. I hope any body can help me.

Before 6:00am this morning I arrive in my office and stated my daily job. By the way my work starts at 6:00am and end at 3:30pm.

But before I open my PC, I just pause for awhile and do nothing but started staring on the screen of my computer. "I am sure i made huge mistake in my life that is why I'm stucked!" I said to my self.

I started gooling the net and a guy pop up in my head "Steve Pavlina". So again I visited his site and started roaming inside his website. I've known him 2 years ago on the net while looking for something.

One of his articles caught my attention and I stated reading it and not knowing I was able to read his complete "passive income series". 

Now I realized that it was my goal that made everything went wrong. My goal was not reachable because it was not so realistic.

So, I decided to re set my goal from reachable one and made some deadlines...realistic one..

One mean problem why I felt so empty because my income is not enough for my family though I have some extra business.

This is my experimental goal:

Goal : to be able to earn extra income of $50 a month online business started December 31, 2013.

Deadline : December 31, 2013

How Long : For 3 Successive years.

I know my goal is to small but if i can make my $50 online income a month, then I can increase it to higher value.

I just wanted to journal it so that I can trace my failure in the future and correct it.

Wish me luck and Hope to be with me in my new journey!

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